About us

The Young Writer’s Forum is a group of Montenegrin writers of the younger generation, founded in February of the year 2015, within the literary program of a public institution named the Cultural-Informative Center ‘Budo Tomović’, in Podgorica. It has been operating as a literary circle since then, with eleven active members today – mostly writers that have been in the group since the beginning and that have established its form (Jana Radičević, Barbara Delać, Luka Boljević, Nikola Ćorac, Nataša Gudelj, Milena Radević, Marko Stanojkovski), as well as the ones that joined the Forum later (Anđela Bulajić, Milica Bošnjak, Stefanija Brčić). The functioning of the group is coordinated by the editor of the Cultural Informative Center’s literary program, Valentina Knežević.

In addition to individual characteristics and the diversity of literary expressions, after a first few years of the operating of the group, its authors, as well as their collective emergence on the scene, have already been designated a part of the Montenegrin literature’s new wave, with special emphasis on the originality and the aesthetic value of their creative work.

The initiative to found the Forum within the Cultural Informative Center arose from a recognized need to provide talented young people who write with a certain type of institutional support and some sort of stimulation on the path of their creative development and literary affirmation. Consequently, a space of literary activity for the new generation that wants to express itself through literature, in a new way and concerning new topics, and in relation to tradition, as well as to the contemporaries of that generation’s members, was open. For almost eight years, the group has been assembling inside the Cultural Informative Center’s offices, discussing their poems and stories, organizing public performances, and at the end of every year, in the yearly collections of works, with professional reviewing, publishing their works.

Eight collective books have been published so far.

A short documentary film about the Forum, A Path Through the Labyrinth, produced by Nataša Perunović Mugoša, was made as well.

On February the fifteenth, 2022, the Young Writer’s Forum celebrated its seventh birthday in the form of a collective poetry reading session. In addition to the members of the group: Barbara Delać, Luka Boljevića, Jana Radičević, Nikola Ćorac, Nataša Gudelj, Milena Radević, Marko Stanojkovski, Milica Bošnjak, Anđela Bulajić, Nejra Belegu and Stefanija Brčić, young writers from the country and the region also took part as the guests of the program: Slađana Kavarić Mandić, Nikola Nikolić, Milo Masoničić, Marija Dragnić, Ilija Đurović, Slobodan Ivanović, Maša Seničić, Srđan Gagić, Ognjen Aksentijević, Vigor Vukotić, Lana Bojanić, Monika Herceg, Natalija Milovanović and Tanja Božić.

On February the seventeenth, 2020, the Young Writer’s Forum celebrated its fifth birthday in the form of a poetry-oriented stage performance Smetnje, prekid, test (eng. Disturbances, interruption, test). The script was arranged by Jana Radičević, and the sound and lighting were organized by Dražen Milić. The participants were: Barbara Delać, Luka Boljević, Jana Radičević, Nikola Ćorac, Milena Radević and Martina Medenica.

On February the seventeenth, 2019, the Young Writer’s Forum celebrated its fourth birthday in the form of a poetry-oriented stage performance with the musical accompaniment performed by Isidor Gajević, a musician with whom the members of the Forum have been collaborating since the Podgorica Art Festival, when they performed together for the first time along with musicians Dženan Dreković and Vukašin Kečina.  The members of the Forum that participated are: Jana Radičević, Barbara Delać, Luka Boljević. Nikola Ćorac, Nataša Gudelj, Milena Radević, Jelena Đurović, Marko Stanojkovski, Anđela Matanović, Marija Vesković and Martina Medenica.

In 2016, the Young Writer’s Forum gathered around the first collective project – a multimedia project organized in the form of poets theater titled Voices of the Labyrinth, in which the following members of the group took part: Đorđije Đukanović, Irina Lakić, Ane Spahić, Nikola Ćorac, Alen Drpljanin, Anđela Matanović, Nataša Gudelj, Luka Boljevića, Milena Radević, Barbara Delać, Jelena Đurović, Aleksa Đuričković, Marko Stanojkovski and Jana Radičević. In addition to the assistance from those employed in the Cultural Informative Center, the realization of the program was also helped by: Danilo Čelebić, an actor, Vera Šoškić, a costume designer and Draško Đurović, a director. The same year, the project was presented no less than three times in the DODEST hall of the Cultural Informative Center Budo Tomović in Podgorica, at a festival in Kotor, at the InArt festival in Tivat and Ratkovićeve večeri poezije, a literary event in Bijelo Polje.