Poetry in Motion

on seventh edition of LiTeritorija, a literary festival of the KIC ‘Budo Tomović’

Literary festival


The seventh edition of LiTeritorija, a literary festival of the KIC ‘Budo Tomović’, will be held from the 24th to the 26th of May, 2023. This year’s event, under the title ‘Poetry in Motion’, will gather poets from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Austria and Switzerland. It is related to the continuation of the House for Poetry project and the Berlin poetry festival reVERSible/Krijumčarenje stihova, in which the KIC ‘Budo Tomović’ took part as a partner from Montenegro. Within the framework of the project, poets who write in German and those who write in B/C/S/M, translated verses into their language between themselves, in pairs. It was made possible with the mediation of an interpreter and ‘rough’ translations which were prepared in advance, so that they could, in teams of three, ‘smuggle’ (schmuggel) their verses, stylistic contexts and cultural connotations across language borders.

As in previous years, the programmes are dialogical. Within the framework of the first two evenings, conversations with the poets Alen Brlek, Stefan Schmitzer, Maša Seničić and Nikola Ćorac (24. 05.), Sascha Garzetti, Bojan Vasić, Jana Radičević and Franziska Füchsl (25. 05.) will be held, with one talk per evening, and on the third evening a multilingual anthology will be presented in a sequence of readings by the included authors, with simultaneous interpretation. The mediator of the programme will be a literary critic, Vladimir Arsenić. These programmes will be held in the DODEST hall, from 20 o’clock.

At this year’s LiTeritorija, during all three days, a translator Elvira Veselinović will lead translation workshops with a group of students from the Department for German Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology in Nikšić.

This year, the festival has been supported by the Austrian Embassy in Montenegro and the Swedish programme for culture Pro Helvetia.